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How to Choose the Right CPAP Mask for Your Child’s CPAP Machine

CPAP machine can provide a permanent solution to your child’s sleep apnea problems. However, the mask must be right. The word ‘right’ in this context means custom fit that will suit your child’s face perfectly. A typical custom fit mask for your child come in a relatively small size, easier adjustment system, well-padded softer cushion, and a efficient profile that enables your child to move around easily when in use.

When choosing a mask for your child’s cpap machine, there are certain aspects you need to consider to make the right choice. They include: materials, adjustability, size, durability, comfort, and of course, price. You may also need to consider your child’s personal preference because they need a mask that appeals to the naturally to use without being forced. Learn more how to know your CPAP machine is not performing excellently or needs urgent adjustment.

It is typical of children to be scared of CPAP machine – even adults are not excluded. For that treason, it is important that you help them get a custom fitting mask that will make them feel comfortable with CPAP treatment and comply. 

Meanwhile, the market is full of several masks for CPAP machine. They are available in different styles, sizes and prices. Amusingly, all of them looks good and promises to give your child the desired result. But, how do you make the right choice in the midst of the highly picky options? that is what you will learn in this article. 

I will be exposing you to certain factors you need to take into consideration when you get to the market so as to get your child the best solution.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mask for Your Child’s CPAP Machine 

  • The cause and severity of the problem

Before you go to the market, you need to first be sure of the cause of your child’s sleep apnea symptoms and the level of its severity. That would be the overall guide top help you buy the perfect mask that will produce excellent result. 

How do you know? It is advisable that you book a visit with your child’s doctor and let him give you a detailed analysis of your child’s condition to know what to buy when you get to the market. Knowing the caused and severity of your child’s symptoms will make the CPAP therapy more effective and quicker.

Once your child’s doctor prescribes CPAP therapy for your child’s sleep apnea, the next best thing is to find the right CPAP machine and mask to suit your child’s needs. The discussion will also help you discover if your child needs additional encouragement when using the mask. 

  • Doctor’s Recommendations 

To get the best mask for your child’s CPAP machine, you need to consider your doctor’s recommendation. Your child’s doctor knows what you exactly your child need and will prescribe accordingly after diagnosing your child’s predicament. Hence, make sure that you don’t get carried away with the multiple attractive options when you get to the market. The best way to choose the most compatible mask for your child’s CPAP machine is to stick to the instructions and recommendations of the healthcare provider. 

How to Choose the Right CPAP Mask for Your Child’s CPAP Machine
  • Size and fit

Buying the right size and fit is a core factor when purchasing the right mask for your child’s CPAP machine. Standard masks specially designed for adult are not good fits for children and will make the CPAP therapy ineffective. 

Make sure the size and fit of the mask provides the right firm that will make the cushion seal grip your child’s skin comfortably. Pediatric CPAP mask cushions are available in one size. But, the manufacturers are kind enough to indicate the age and weight it can restfully accommodate.  There are other mask models with different cushion sizes with size guides to help you determine the best fit. Make sure you buy a mask that comes with an headgear that sits firmly on your child’s head.

  • Adjustability

Consider the fact that your child will grow within a short period of time. So, it is good to buy a good adjustable mask that can accommodate the quick growth of your child. Get a mask that comes with a headgear with adjustable straps which you can expand whenever needed. There are also some masks with dials designed to easily adjust the headgear. 

  • Field of vision 

Field of vision refers to how well people can see when putting on a mask. For children, anything that will not make see properly is a threat to their standard of living. Buying a mask that allows an open field of vision will motivate your child to constantly use the CPAP mask which will aid quick recovery. The aim is to ensure that your feel more comfortable undergoing the CPAP therapy. So, consider field of vision an essential factor when purchasing a CPAP mask for your child. 

It is recommended that you buy a CPAP mask that is specially made to be less bulky. That feature allow your child to see marginally. A mask with that generously gives field of vision will reduce anxiety that surrounds CPAP therapy.

How to Choose the Right CPAP Mask for Your Child’s CPAP Machine
  • Comfort 

Comfort is a key factor when buying a mask for your child. Why? Children cannot cope with anything that gives pain. For that reason, get a CPAP mask that makes your child feel comfortable. Comfort can help your child comply with the CPAP treatment enthusiastically. A mask with flexible headgear, soft straps, tubing, and lightweight cushions will bring comfort to your child. A properly fitting mask will also contribute to your child’s comfort.    

  • Durability 

Children are liable to mismanage the mask of their CPAP machine, so, you must be sure to buy a durable one. After you might have purchased your child’s mask, you need to consider the material and make constant cleaning and maintenance a top priority. To make your child’s mask long lasting, you will have to take the responsibility of helping out with maintenance. Adequate maintenance also saves costs. 


It is advisable for you to get a mask that comes with warranty which protects your money. In case of eventual defect, the manufacturer will be obliged to make every necessary repairs and replacement to restore the mask to its perfect working condition. Your child’s CPAP machine cannot be much effective unless you get a right mask. Adhering with the above mentioned tips will help you make an informed decision.