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How to make your CPAP masks wearing more comfortable

We understand. It might be challenging to use CPAP masks. The mask, the noises, and the air are all foreign to you. Never give up. We’re prepared to assist.

Correctly adjust your mask.

Try taking the route with the least amount of difficulty first. Put the upper strap at a 45-degree angle behind your head and the bottom strap behind your neck. Adjust the cpap mask from the rear straps so that it isn’t losing air but doesn’t press your face up against the hard parts of the mask. Depending on your mask, but be sure to match the orientation (i.e., the L should go in your left nose and the R should go in your right nostril) before using it. Learn more how to prevent stuffs from getting into your CPAP equipment.

There are many different CPAP masks available.

Try the nasal cushions if you find a complete mask uncomfortable. Whether you choose to wear the mask over your mouth, nose, or both, you have a lot of alternatives to consider. Find out which masks are available for your prescription by asking your respiratory therapist.

Use your CPAP throughout the day.

  • Practice throughout the day if you feel like you’re drowning at night. To acclimate your body, practice while awake.
  • Avoid taking extended naps when using the CPAP as this will make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.
  • The CPAP will assist you in getting healthy REM sleep, but it will be difficult to fall asleep at night if you have REM during the day.
How to make your CPAP masks wearing more comfortable

Verify that there is enough tubing extending from your mask to the CPAP machine.

Your mask should not be in tension with your CPAP machine. Try moving your CPAP machine closer to where you are sleeping if there is strain. Try setting the CPAP machine, for instance, on a nightstand. Because it will produce stress and because people are most clumsy in the morning (and at night), avoid setting it down on the floor to avoid ruining your morning (and night) by tripping over the machine or any tubing.

Relax and breathe.


Always think positively.

It’s uncommon to describe your CPAP machine to your friends and family as thrilling and entertaining. If you redefine your perception of the CPAP masks, it will become much more appealing and pleasant. It could first seem ostracizing or like a chore.

Keep in mind that this is both essential for your health and for a restful night’s sleep. Once it becomes a habit, using a CPAP machine will feel similar to having a parent cuddle you into bed and read you a bedtime tale.

Make yourself at ease.

If you often shift about looking for the ideal sleeping position, locate it first before donning your CPAP masks. Nothing is more inconvenient than pulling the tubing-encircled CPAP machine out when you’re trying to sleep.

Talk to your respiratory therapist

We must emphasize this. Speak to your respiratory therapist if you are at your wits’ end trying to make your CPAP machine operate for you. They may review your prescription, look at your records, and examine the configuration of your equipment. This ought to always be a choice.

How to make your CPAP masks wearing more comfortable

Speak with ESP Health.

At ESP Healthcare, speaking with a respiratory therapist is always an option, even if it isn’t right now. You may set up a time for one of our respiratory therapists to visit your house and evaluate the problem. The staff at ESP Healthcare is always available to correctly install your CPAP machine, assist with acclimation, and help you customize your new sleeping environment.

According to statistics, around 22 million Americans have sleep apnea, and a similar number also have symptoms that have not been properly identified. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea brought on by conditions like COPD might find significant relief with CPAP equipment, which are widely accessible. If you have recently been advised to purchase a CPAP machine, we advise following the right procedures to prevent any bothersome or painful setbacks.

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Today, we’ll start by talking about some of the most typical issues people have while using CPAP masks and provide solutions. Call our shop right away if you need help deciding which style is ideal for you or if you’re ready to buy your medical gadget.

Uncomfortable CPAP Masks

The fact that CPAP masks are not the proper kind or fit for individuals is one of the most prevalent issues with them. Because of the particular shape of your face, a perfect fit is necessary to provide you the maximum level of comfort and control. CPAP masks are available in a variety of sizes, and various types may produce various curves to best suit each face. If you have any problems with the fit of your mask, we advise you to contact your doctor as soon as possible. For a variety of sizes and designs, turn to Lehan’s Medical, so get in touch with us if you need help!

Overcoming Claustrophobia

It will take some getting accustomed to be able to fall asleep comfortably with a new gadget on your face, and some of the patients we help first report feeling claustrophobic. Before setting up your CPAP masks, we advise that you take efforts to relax yourself if you’re feeling anxious about this change. Start off slowly as well:

  1. Your mind may be calmed down by taking little measures. Continue to the following stage if this is comfortable.
  2. Attempt using the mask. With the hose connected, secure the mask to your face. You okay?
  3. Start up your CPAP device. If a ramp feature is present, now is the time to use it for a less abrupt change.
  4. Try to go to sleep while the gadget is on. It’s time to put this sensation to the test for a night after you’ve become used to it.