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What are the causes of cataracts among children?

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Nowadays, kids at the age of five are already battling cataracts. Some of them find it so hard to read in school and at home. one fearful thing about cataracts in children is that they can last for years because they may not know how to put their feelings in words. So, the parent can easily assume that all is well with them.

We have seen kids having issues with their eyes from a tender age, and they grew up with it. One can live with a cataract in the eye for several years. But the best thing to do is to put oneself together, visit the doctor the moment you notice some strange things in your eye. The doctor might tell you to go for cataract surgery. That’s not where we are going. 

Dear reader, this write-up aims at providing adequate information on the causes of cataracts among kids. Here, we will be discussing the meaning of cataracts, the causes of cataracts among kids, and the possible way out.

So, I implore you to shun all distractions and pay attention. The essence of writing something about the causes of cataracts In Children is to know the source of this eye problem. And once you know the start, you will be able to strive in seeking help or look out for the possible way out. However, research shows that the perfect way to treat a cataract is by undergoing cataract surgery. Of course, that’s not the only way, but it is perfect. Before we know the causes of cataracts in kids, let us briefly talk about the meaning of cataracts. Learn more about common symptoms of cataracts in children.

What is a cataract?

Cataracts occur when there’s a solid or cloudy zone in the eye’s lens. This eye problem regularly begins when the protein in the eye generates clumps that prevent the lens from sending or transporting clear images to the retina. Don’t forget that the work of the retina is to change the light that comes via the lens into signals. Also, the retina leads signals to the optic nerve before the brain receives them. One fearful thing about cataract is that it occurs bit by bit and if one joke with it, it could result in total blindness. Please don’t be scared of cataract surgery; it’s a simple process. Let’s talk about it briefly.

What is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is eradicating the affected natural lens and replacing it with an artificial one. This surgery is done or carried out by a professional ophthalmologist. I can boldly tell you that everyone that has gone through this process can say something good about it. It is not as scary as it sounds to the ears. In some parts of the world, people get scared whenever they hear “surgery.” You don’t need any flattering words before you believe that the only way to restore one’s vision perfectly is by undergoing cataract surgery. It is the easiest and the safest method of getting one’s eye back to work. Don’t be deceived. People can tell you that all you need is eyeglasses. I am not saying eyeglasses cannot work. But I know that eyeglasses cannot perfectly correct your lens as undergoing this surgery would do.

Causes of cataract surgery among kids:

What are the causes of cataracts among children?
  1. Eye injury: A cataract been derived from an injury is called traumatic cataracts. One of the causes of cataracts among kids is when there’s an injury in their eyes. Children are fond of playing, and they can mistakenly injure themselves. A sudden incident can happen to their eyes at school while playing. That is why parents and guardians need to be careful. It is expedient for parents to treat any eye injury they see in their kids before it escalates or grows to become cataracts in them. The moment they get cataracts, they probably plan to visit the theatre room for cataract surgery. 
  1. Congenital cataracts: This eye problem can be in a child right from his birth. If a mother is battling a cataract and she hasn’t undergone cataract surgery before pregnancy, there’s a tendency for the baby also get cataracts. However, it depends on the woman’s genes. Also, some families can’t do without cataracts. I have seen a family of four, and all of them had undergone cataract surgery. When I spoke with them, the man said cataract is an inborn eye problem from his family, and he also married a woman with the same story. The unexpected thing is that their two kids had also undergone cataract surgery. It was so strange. I know there are some families like that around you too. You might have come across one or two. 
What are the causes of cataracts among children?
  1. Washing the face with unclean water: Kids are fond of playing. They can play with water for hours without getting tired. Unknowingly, kids might have to wash their eyes with water full of particles. And once those particles make their way to the natural lens, there will be an issue. What you would see next is their eyes being red, and they may keep this away from their parents. That is why parents need to be observant. I don’t know why I keep saying parents need to be careful. Do you know why washing the eyes with unclean water can affect a kid’s vision? They don’t know there are unseen particles in polluted water that can affect their vision. Therefore, parents should take note of this. 
  1. Playing in dusty areas: The dust can build up cataracts in children. There’s a way the dust in the air can affect the eyes if care is not taken. So, children can get cataracts if they are fond of playing in dusty areas. That is why it is expedient to ensure that our environment is clean. 

On a final note

I hope you’ve found something tangible here. I said earlier that this article is going to be an educative one. This write-up is about the causes of cataracts among kids. We expressly talked about the meaning of cataracts, and we explained cataract surgery as the only perfect way of restoring one’s vision once a cataract is there. Finally, please feel free to drop your question regarding this topic in the comment box.